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  Welcome to Making Sense of Health online.

Please note this site is available for Making Sense of Health participants.

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Making Sense  of Health
Department of HealthSponsored by the Department of Health
Developed in conjunction with DfES and QCA.

Health Problems
and How To Deal With Them
  Parents and Carers
Students Version
For Students

Use this guide to find resources for further help or information on a whole range of issues, with people you can go to for help, helplines and website addresses.
For adults worried about a younger child
For adults worried about a younger child

A health guide for parents, carers or teachers to use with on of behalf of a younger child.
Parents and Carers
For Parents and Carers

Learn more about the Making Sense of Health project and what it can offer you and the children in your care.

Teaching Materials
Teaching Materials

Free to access teaching materials and downloadable media for Science, PSHE and Citizenship teachers, key stages 1 to 4.
Advanced Tools
Advanced Tools

Tools to organise and modify Making Sense of Health teaching materials (requires free sign-up).
About the Advanced Tools
About the Advanced Tools

HelpLearn more about what the advanced teaching and organisation tools for Making Sense of Health can offer. Now updated!

Primary Pupils
Primary Pupils

In this section you will find information useful to your studies and to your health.
Secondary Students
Secondary Students

This section of this site dedicated to students at secondary schools, it has a Glossary, Health Guide and Drugs Information.


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Evaluation by The Open University
Making Sense of Health at Key Stage 4
Key Findings and Recommendations
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Download document cover
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